Vadapathrasayanar Temple

It is believed that this temple was established several centuries before the construction of the temple of Sri Andal. It was only in this temple that Periyazhvar had been doing his Godly service. The big tower of this temple stands as the emblem of Tamil Nadu Government. This 196 feet tower has 11 tiers. During the period between 765 – 815 A.D., it was constructed by a Pandian King.

The presiding Deity in this temple is called Vadapathra Sayanar. He attained this name because of his lying on a banyan leaf in the milky ocean.

There are two floors in this temple. In the Sanctum Sanctorum of the upper floor, facing eastward, the Lord Vadapathra Sayanar is lying on the bed of five headed snake called Adhiseshan, accompanied by this consorts Sri Devi and Booma Devi. In the ground floor, we find the Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple. We find a stone edict in the tower, which has the poem of tamil poet Kamban who equates the big tower with Mahameru mountain. The flower garden where Sri Andal got her divine birth is located in the southern enclosure of this tower.


Translated from Tamil by Professor. Dr. M. Shanmugam, Ph.D., Thiruvalluvar College of Engineering & Technology, Vandavasi – 604 505, India